Cynthia’s love for color was her inspiration for becoming a makeup artist. She started working on personal clients in her early twenties. After working her way up at Glamor Shots, she was recruited to Christian Dior, which moved her to San Antonio, and then again was recruited to open Nordstrom as the beauty manager for Estee Lauder. Her focus evolved to her artistry and decided to work at MAC Cosmetics where she excelled and worked there for over a decade. Cynthia helped train and even won international awards with the company for her incredible makeup face charts. MAC was a great platform to get her where she wanted to be. 

She stepped away to work her first of many New York Fashion weeks alongside iconic artists James Vincent and Denessa Myricks. Her first show was for Spike Lee’s brand Defend Brooklyn. James was so impressed by a simple yet calculated eyeliner look that he asked her to check every model before sending them out and personally giving her his brush. 

Cynthia also spends time working all around the world with many clients, and is highly sought after by the Indian community to beautify brides and bridal parties over their traditional 5 day ceremonies, sometimes up to 18 girls a day, while getting to experience their culture. Her talent to get a face done quickly is a skill like no other. 

Divine intervention was inspired because she wanted to show a unifying and empowering representation of women, especially Latinas, to be seen as brilliant lights coming out of the chaos of today. She wanted this collection to shine bright. Partnering with Erica & Xitlalt was a divine intervention in itself. Having two highly accomplished and respected women believing in her brought this dream to another level of refinement and elevation.


Erica LaHood believes what we give to the world creates an energy that the world gives back to us. She graduate early from high school and started college at St. Mary’s University. After her freshman year, Erica moved back to Corpus Christi to finish her education. During her third year in College, Erica became pregnant and would spend the next 5 years raising her daughter alone and working to pay her way through college earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M Corpus Christi debt free. 

Ever hungry to create a better life for her daughter, she entered the male dominated oilfield industry in the height of the boom in 2010. In 2012, Erica decided to quit making others money and started her own oilfield chemical servicing company called Oilfield Chemical Solutions, LLC (OCS). Erica and her business partner built OCS from a brother and sister sole employee and asset-less business, into a multi-million dollar chemical company operating throughout the United States. 

Throughout it all, Erica never forgot her Latin roots. Working for a decade in a male dominated industry she has experienced chauvinism, discrimination, and mistreatment because she is a woman. Instead of allowing that to hold her back or beat her down, she kept her faith in God and faced every adversity with her head raised high facing the problem head on. 

Holy Mother of Makeup (HMM) is Erica’s latest venture and approach to spreading beauty and perfection to others while giving back to the Latin American community.  HMM wants to help empower women to accomplish their goals and dreams. HMM believes makeup serves two purposes: it helps express outwardly how we feel inwardly and it is an outward expression that can make us feel comforting inwardly.


Xitlalt Herrera-Salazar, the mastermind and CEO of X Level, Inc, is a woman of many talents and traits with over 15 years of experience in luxury fashion. Xitlalt is endlessly graceful in her tenacious and fearless commitments to realizing the grandest of visions and projects, whether for her clients, brands, or for one of her many philanthropic initiatives in San Antonio and New York. Her vision and mission with X Level, Inc. is to shift the fashion and entertainment industry through empowerment and positivity, setting the bar high so it can inspire younger generations to dream big and to realize that everything is possible with the proper guidance and support.

Before founding X Level Inc, Xitlalt came to San Antonio to open Neiman Marcus as the Media Manager in Corporate Public Relations and introduced the market to the latest trends as the Public Relations Manager where she significantly played part in growing the store sales and revenues during her 15 years with the company. Before being recruited by the corporate executives at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Xitlalt produced the show Totalmente Latina for 4 years and then went on to educate the youth, working for the nonprofit Mi Escuelita Preschool in Dallas where she got the fulfill her passion of giving back as the development director. 

Xitlalt has featured on several morning shows, styles celebrities for Inclusion Management in LA, and is a philanthropist whose mission is to make a difference in the community through her fashion efforts.  Xitlalt also serves on the boards of Fashion Group International, Any Baby Can, Host committee for Glasswing Intl, Mercado Global, the McNay Art Museum, ArtPace, and is one of the founders of the acclaimed black-tie affair the Catrina Ball for the Public Library Foundation.


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